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Amongst today’s online casinos it can be difficult or hard to find just the right thing for you and there are constantly new casinos that often has very good deals and makes it even harder to make the right choice. Casinocompass aim to summarize all of the world’s various online casinos in an organized list, all to make your hunt for the best casino bonuses and the best casino online a little easier. It’s the least we can do to make your trip through the casino jungle a great and fun experience. You can easily navigate to the online casino and casino bonus that interest you the most by following the buttons directly to the casino.

Casino bonus Toplist

Through our toplist you can easily spot the online casino that has the best casino bonus available to you. We’ll list some of the bonus offers offered by every online casino to make it easier for you to find a online casino that offers exactly what you want. To start playing a brand new online casino may seem difficult or meaningless, but on the contrary, it is very beneficial, especially with all casino bonus offers that you can enjoy as a new customer at a casino. It is difficult to find the right one in this jungle of new casinos. There are many benefits to start playing at a new casino, and especially a little smaller and newly opened casino. It gives a little difference from always playing on the same online casino and gives you the chance to enjoy several excellent casino bonuses on several online casino casinos. We have summarized the most important information from the best online casinos and carefully tested both withdrawals and bonuses – all for to give you a better overview of what’s what and make your choice of online casino as easy as possible. But first, let’s take a closer look at what exactly a casino bonus means and what kind of bonuses you can enjoy.

A new Casino might give the player larger and better bonuses

Online casino bonuses are beneficial whether you are a new player or have played at other casinos before. So it’s really smart to choose a new casino. More than often, it is seen that new casino operators who launch their online casinos all offer a larger and more favorable deposit bonus. Many new casinos also offer no deposit free spins, a slim casino bonus that we will review in detail below, to the new gamblers.

So you like to play for free spins, or you’re a player who wants a really good bonus. Then make sure to bookmark this page. We will continuously update our list of casinos, get the most recently launched.


Because there are so many casinos there is also a high level of competition among the gaming companies, hence they simply have to attract players with small free tastes. There are many online casinos that offer free spins bonuses and it is the most common form of bonus and something we love. Free spins are a casino bonus that is usually issued in connection with registration, other offers or deposits. If you want to try a page and see how smoothly the games flow, many casinos usually offer a bunch of free spins without any deposit. As a new player, many pages usually offer between 10 to 100 free spins – totally free! These free spins usually tend to be in one of the casino’s most popular slot machines. Starburst and Gonzo’s quest are two good examples of this!

See our toplist for a guide to new casinos and offers with free free spins upon registration. No deposit required!

Free spins are free games that the online casino delivers into specific and selected video slots. The biggest difference between free spins and bonus money is that you can not choose which game you play. Free spins are locked to a slot machine. These free spins are often time-based and must be played within a certain period of time. Many online casinos usually offer quite a few free spins at your first deposit, seeing a number like 200 free spins is nothing unusual. The absolute best casino bonus consists of many free spins to a low turnover requirement, and that’s something to look out for. Please check our list to see some recommended casinos.

Free spins casino bonus

A new trend that we’ve seen is completely wager free free spins. This means you win and can request a withdrawal instead of bonus money that has to be wagered. This is a really good bonus to play, as you are guaranteed to be able to withdraw all winnings from free spins without any turnover. An incredibly smart and fun way to attract more customers and a better way for customers to fill their wallet! Unemployed free spins are something we hope to stay and develop for the better.

Lately we have also started to see really many casinos offering something called “super spin”. These are free spins that have an increased coin value and thus will give more payouts. With super spins, you do not usually get as many, but it can really get to the checkout properly when you win with a super spin!

Our list – spot the best casinos online that offer free spins for registration. It is therefore completely free of deposit! We also recommend keeping track of game developers releasing their new slot machines, as many casinos take this opportunity to send out some free spins to try to play the new video slot!

Our tips and tricks for finding free spins:

  • Start playing at a new casino that offers free spins as casino bonus upon registration.
  • Look for casinos that have weekly promotions that provide free spins.
  • Keep track of new video slots that often come with a small amount of free spins.

Welcome bonuses – Double deposits and free spins!

To welcome you to a new casino, almost all online casinos on the market have a welcome bonus of any kind. This usually means that you get a percentage casino bonus with your absolute first deposit. You can double your deposit and give yourself a lot more money to play for by taking part in offers like these. Many online casinos also have a welcome pack where you can enjoy a bonus on multiple of your deposits. It is also commonplace today that casinos have also chosen to place free spins in their welcome offer, it simply seems that the combination of free spins and deposit bonus is the one that attracts the most. We recommend regularly checking our top list because occasionally there are completely newly opened casinos that attracts really nice deals. Whether you are a beginner or an old veteran, there are always benefits of taking a welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus is designed around attracting players and often results in a very good deal for us players and a less good deal for the casino.

To make it a little easier for new players to understand what a percentage bonus means, it’s simply a bonus that depends on the amount you deposit. Most common is 100% bonus, which means you receive 100% of your deposit in bonus. (If you deposit €50, you will get a total of €100 to play for). But keep in mind that these percentage bonuses can range between 500% and 10%. It is almost always in the interests of players to get a casino bonus, and for many, the pursuit of the best side and the pursuit of the best bonus is often the same. By trying out the casino and receiving a welcome bonus, you can easily get a quick overview of how generous the casino is and how well it works. We recommend regularly checking out a new online casino and really check if the grass is greener on the other side.

Reload bonus

A reload is a casino bonus that the casino offers to repeat customers. A good example is, for example, “Wednesday-free spins” that many pages have. A reload bonus can be really good to know if you feel you need to make your game wallet a bit more juicy for a long session. Most online casinos usually have favorable offers to compete with other casinos online about their customers. The best thing about reload bonuses is that there are often different days at different casinos, so if you are a frequent player, you can easily get a bargain offer at a casino on Monday, and then easily get an equally good offer on Tuesday. But being loyal to a casino may prove to be worthwhile since many casinos have some kind of VIP program where you get better bonuses and more offers, the more often you visit their site.

Many casinos often combine both bonus money and free spins in these offers. We really love reload bonuses, and you should too! A really good reload bonus can really help you if you planned a longer game session and give you a bigger balance! To find the best reload bonus available to you we recommend that you check out the casinos you use frequently. Either via the page’s own bonus calendar or via customer support.

Remember to always check your email to search for reload bonuses.

An example of a reload bonus that offers 100% up to €100. This means that you have to deposit €100 in bonus to maximize this offer, with a deposit of €100 you will receive a total of €200 to play for. It’s hard to explain exactly when a reload bonus comes when it’s so different for every online casino. A good thing to do is as we mentioned earlier to keep track of your mail as many pages send out an email the day they usually offer reload casino bonuses.

Cashback bonus

Directly translated, “cashback” money returns, which is exactly what a cashback casino bonus means. This bonus is totally influenced by how much you have played. A regular cashback bonus usually ranges between 10-25% and is often based on how much you have played over a certain period of time. For example, a week or a month. But to make it a little easier to understand what this is and how it works, we take a deeper look.

A cashback is always the money back, but what does this mean in practice? Yes, if you have a really bad week and play as well as lose 1000 kronor with an active cashback bonus of 10% then you will get back $ 100 with a cashback bonus active for that week. In other words, it is a chance to win for money that you had already lost. It is always good to keep an eye out for casinos with active cashback campaigns, as it simply increases your winning chances properly. It is worth noting that a cashback only works on losses, and does not cover profits. That is, if you win, you are not entitled to a cashback. This is a way for online casinos to make sure you do not get a nice bonus once you’ve won. However, it is important to keep in mind that bonuses are there to make the game a little more fun and increase the chances of winning.

Cashback – is King?

Many think cashback is better than, for example, a deposit bonus when cashback can be affected by your own gambling, at the same time cashback is actually a bonus that comes from money already lost, and in other words, a cashback is simply better than no cashback. We recommend that you always visit a casino with cashback for the simple reason you get an extra chance to win.

Best way to find a cashback is to contact the casino and tell them how often they usually run with cashback. This form of bonus is also very common in VIP context and often requires some kind of VIP relationship or that you often visit and play on the same page. This is just one of the benefits of being loyal to one side, often getting better bonuses based on activity! But do not worry if you do not really want to be a VIP at a particular casino. Cashback bonuses are often found among common offers and often based on weekly periods, where you get back a certain percentage of what you lost that week.

Casino bonus without depositing

Is it even possible to get good casino bonuses without having to deposit? Yes, of course! As we mentioned earlier, there is a clear majority of all online casinos offering free spins upon registration, all that is required is to register on the page. Many casinos also send out free spins to new games to give us players the chance to try and see if we have a new favorite game, which is a really great opportunity to take the chance for some free free spins!

Obviously it is fully possible to play at the casino without having to deposit money, and it is also possible to withdraw money from one side without risking losing your own money.

But even if it can be played for free for a while, it will be difficult in the long run, and usually it’s time to start checking out deposit bonuses. You will get much more from playing casino with your own deposits and bonuses compared to playing for just free bonuses. With your deposits, you will also have no difficulty finding bonus offers that can double, or trip your deposit. Before a long game session you would like to have some extra capital to start with. You will also be able to enjoy many more bonus offers by playing frequently and returning to the same casino. The advantage of changing the casino is, as I said, that you can enjoy many welcome bonuses, which are usually very beneficial to us players and a casino minus business.

Many casinos also send out offers to existing customers where free spins are awarded to try to attract the customer back. This is why why it’s always a great idea to sign up for multiple casinos to take advantage of free spins, so your email will be listed in a potentially free spins list when the casino tries to reactivate customers or re-enter a new one. Games in the collection.


Finding the right casino bonus just for you is really a difficult thing, but everyone loves bonuses and everyone loves free bonuses. The absolute best way to constantly get more bonuses is as expected by playing more! But as we have raised, there are several simple tricks to enjoy many bonuses without having to spend a crown. Signing up for lots of casinos can be hard and hard but can prove to reward the persistent with a lot of free spins.


  • Sign up for many online casinos to enjoy free free spins and welcome offers. (Please note if the welcome offer applies more than the first deposit!)
  • Join when a new slot machine is released. Really great deals associated with play games are a matter of course for many casinos.
  • Keep track of your email after promotions and mailing from casinos, ranging from free free spins to a really cool reload casino bonus.

We will keep our list up to date with hot hot new online casinos and the absolute best casino bonuses available on the market so it’s really worth rewarding here and updating a bit on new casinos and new opportunities to enjoy free free spins!