Casino License – Is it safe to play online?

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Is it safe to play casino online?

Casino license, what does it really mean now, is it really safe to play online casino? We will take a look and dive straight into the online casino business practices, licenses and large gaming companies to answer this question in the best possible way. There are several factors that you should take into play when you are looking for a new to play casino has one goal and it’s to be the best possible guide for all our readers, to make it both easier for your readers to find a good bonus and ensure a safe gaming experience. All of our recommended casinos comply with regulations needed to hold the license and guarantee a safe gaming environment.

It is safe to play at our casinos

Of course, we would every only recommend safe and secure casinos that we have tried. Therefore, you will always be able to play in the safest online casinos when you choose a new gaming company to try out here. We regularly conduct tests on our top rated casinos to make sure they keep everything secure for the players and ensure that our readers get a good gaming experience continuously.

We take many things into thought when we review a casino, but first and foremost the licence, bonus wagering, deposit and support options. After that we try the games and ensure that it’s a smooth and lag-free session.,

Assuming that all of these factors fall in line with each other, which is usually the case. There are very few online casinos that are not safe. We guarantee that you will always be able to play online casino safely if you use our toplists!

Online Casino License Explained

When it comes to security in an online gaming environment it is incredibly important with a gambling license. Although it is something that is given to many players, not everyone understand the meaning of the license. We always recommend playing at a casino with license – the reason is simply that it is the safest possible way to play. The license holder have a obligation to protect you – as a player. 

There are different types of licenses, the most commonly used is MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), Curaçao, or UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

All gaming authorities have a sole purpose to always to protect the player. If there is ever a dispute between a player and a casino, the license holder has an obligation to investigate the matter and find out what has happened. Therefore, and we cannot say this enough – it is very important that you always play at a casino that has a license for your own safety.

MGAcasino license

Malta’s own game license is the most prevalent today. When players play at a casino license by MGA, they are completely protected by that regulation. In addition to that, bonuses and games checked regularly to ensure that no cheating is happening.

This is one of the safest licenses around, and based from the small mediterranean island Malta where most online casinos are based from today as well.


Mainly for players in Britain – but other nationality players are of course safe when we play at UKGC-approved casinos as well. Like the MGA, UKGC regularly monitors casinos so that wagering requirements, games, bonuses and everything else are correct.


This license works the same as MGA, but the difference is that this license is instead based on a small island in the Caribbean. As Curaçao technically belongs to the Netherlands, very little problem occurs at casinos licensed by Curaçao’s gambling commision.

This is the most common license amongst Bitcoin casinos, it’s normally very safe to play on casinos with this license.

Casino license – Always play with approved casinoscasinocompass approved

The reason why it’s so important to play on an online casino that has a license is that they also help in case of any problems. No casino wants a withdrawn license and therefore does its best to ensure that they comply with the rules set by the casino license holder.

We cannot stress how important it is that you always care about your own protection when playing online casino. The easiest way is simply to always look for license.

In our quest for the best online casinos, we always prioritize players’ safety. It is always our end goal is that you will always be both happy and safe when you find a new casino here. Of course, it does not matter if you play via your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Casino bonus – How safe is it really?

Bonus is something that is very well debated within the casino world. Nowadays, these bonuses are extremely safe and very transparent, compared to a few years ago when the unregulated market made profits of cheating customers.

This is no longer the case. Now a days casinos earn way more by being honest and attracting many players that come back often. Fair bonuses and good treatment is one of the best ways to do this. Casinos usually have very strict rules that must be followed, if you read the terms and conditions before you start playing with a bonus you always find out if there’s any special rules. In addition, the casino has to handle its things properly in order to retain its license, and many companies are very afraid to lose it.

There are many factors that ensures that you are safe while playing with casino bonuses, but it is important to remember that even though bonus in many cases is free to us players, it is a cost to the casino. One must therefore be prepared for rules accordingly, in the form of wagering requirements or similar.

A casino prefers to be safe for customers

An average online casino earns much more being honest and doing everything nicely than they would be despised. It’s simply a better chance of returning and playing multiple times at the same casino if you are treated fairly, right?

Take a look at our recommended casinos down below:

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