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Payment Provider for online casinos

On this section of Casinocompass you can read about the most common payment providers that most casinos usually use. All of these methods are very safe and very reliable and usually have a claim from any kind of authority. Take a look, and find the payment provider for you. But it’s good to keep in mind that you always have to verify at the casino before you can usually make a withdrawal. This is important as all casinos follow a license which means that all players must verify age and identity.

But when it comes to choosing the right payment method, there are several different options. Find a brief summary for each payment provider we list below. For additional information for a specific payment provider make sure to click on “Read more …”

Mastercard and VISA

Smooth card payment using the numbers on your credit or debit card to make a secure payment to an online casino. It is also important to keep in mind that Mastercard and VISA may charge a fee. In some cases, the casino is responsible for all fees when dealing with debit cards, but in the worst case you will be responsible for this fee. Regardless of which one can not deny how easy it is to deposit and take out with their debit card.

Advantages: Fast and smooth. Most have a debit card!

Cons: withdrawals may take an extra day due to banking days. Can also be charged.


A so-called e-wallet. You must verify on Neteller before use, but after that it is a convenient way to transfer money between yourself and the casino without interfere with your private banking information. This is a quick way to make deposits and get paid. Neteller is incredibly easy to handle and everything from creating their account to verifying it goes without any major issues.

Advantages: Really fast deposits and withdrawals. Very easy to use and above all very safe. Leading in the industry of online payments since 1999.

Cons: Can take extra time before you can play because of Verification with Neteller. It is worth mentioning that many online casinos have rules against triggering bonuses with Neteller deposits.


An additional e-wallet that securely stores your money and carries out secure transactions between you and the casino. Skrill was bought by Neteller in March 2015 – thus having the same safe and secure systems and rules.

Advantages: Unbelievably fast transactions. User-friendly and safe. In addition, you do not need to include your private bank or card details.

Cons: Can take extra time before you can play due to Skrill verification. Many online casinos also have the conditions to use bonus along with a Skrill deposit.


The best and most used payment method when it comes to online casino. For the right reason, it is also our favorite and the one we recommend to use. You do not need to register on Trustlys website, all you need is a bank account or your bank ID. Trustly is a large company operating across Europe but unfortunately not in the rest of the world. In other words, we who live in Europe may be able to use Trustly diligently.

These are the most common payment methods in our recommended casinos and the payment provider you will most often see when looking around for new casinos. It is always good to keep track of the terms and conditions so that you can enjoy all the bonuses with all payment provider, but if you are not particularly bothered if you get a bonus or not, it’s obviously good to use all payment methods.

The best payment methods for online casino?

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a new casino to play is if they charge and if they do, which payment methods are free of charge. For example, at several casinos, Mastercard and VISA can charge 2.5%, which is unfortunately deducted from deposits and withdrawals. However, as we said above, Trustly is always free of charge and always our recommended deposit and withdrawal method. It is simply the but user friendly and fastest method for secure deposits and withdrawals. Not to mention how smooth it is to put in with Trustly. Look closely at Trustly’s logo at all casinos that you are considering starting to play. It is usually a sign that the casino has Trustly and can offer it for all transactions. Try to make all payments with Trustly because it is completely free of charge.

In order to have fast and secure transactions, we always recommend using Trustly. It may sound a bit extra complicated with a bank deposit or bank ID, but if you keep in mind that you usually get the money within minutes. If you compare this with many other methods, it takes hours or days to get your withdrawals.


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