Live Casino

Live Casino

Everyone loves live casino. The feeling of actually being able to communicate with a real person dealer. It can make the whole game so much better, but of course. Nothing beats a land based casino, but this is pretty close to it. There’s plenty of online casinos that offer live casino right now, and they stream it right to your device with high quality gameplay and responsive user interface. Since you’re most often going to play your hand within a specified time limit it’s important to find a live casino that fits you.

Best Live Casino

You’ll find the best selection of live casinos right here on Casinocompass. We’re reviewed all the providers and the casino operators and only recommend the ones we found worthy of playing at. Most casinos offer live casino games from the massive producer Evolution Gaming. They have hundreds of casino tables across the world, all with a personal dealer and a high quality video camera. By the power of the internet they can talk with you and deal your hand for you in person.

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Different Live Casino Games

There’s many live casino games so there is guaranteed something that will catch your interest. Most commonly spoken of when talking about live casino is of course Roulette and Blackjack. This is two of the most popular games and are often played as player vs casino (bank). That means that you’re always playing vs the dealer and not the other players around your table. The unique thing about live casino game is that you are always able to affect the game yourself. That’s true! By calculation you can actually raise your chance of winning. On the other hand it’s very important to always remember that playing casino is completely based on RNG.

Blackjack on Live Casino

Blackjack, or 21 as it is sometimes called, is the traditional card game that dates back hundreds of years. There is a game between the player and the bank (dealer). It’s simply a matter of trying to get or get as close to 21 as possible without passing it and bust. This means that you never bet against other players but only against the casino itself. There are many ways to play black jack and many strategies to overcome the game!

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Three ways to win Blackjack

  • To get 21 on the first two cards drawn (so-called Blackjack) without the dealer getting it.
  • To reach a higher score than the dealer without being over 21.
  • Let the dealer draw shortly until the bank reaches 21 points.

The game rules are based on the fact that customers, the other players and the bank receive a card each until you either want to stay. To get as close to 21 or exactly 21 is the goal of the game. If the dealer gets closer to you the casino win. You lose if the dealer gets closer to 21 or if you go over 21 and thus lose. There are some rules that many blackjack should have, and many of them include that the dealer can not continue taking cards after 17. One quickly learns which cards are good to stay on and whoever you always double.

Play Roulette on Live Casino

Roulette originates from the 19th century France and is also a classic casino game and of course a must for most online casinos offering live casino! You’ve certainly encountered Roulette in movies and television, probably the best-known casino game throughout the ages. Roulette consists simply of a wheel filled with small numbers that spin. Your task as a player is to guess which number will be the winning number! This is determined by turning a ball into the spin, and then stays with a winning number as soon as gravity has taken place. Half of the numbers are colored red, the other half black. You can bet on both red and black colors, and you can bet that the ball stops for example 25 to 36. There are also many known systems you can play to calculate your winning chances.


Roulette – Martingale System

Martingale is probably the best-known system when it comes to Roulette. It is a betting system that has been created to continually increase its profit potential and all its profits. It is a technique used diligently among beginners and veterans. You start with a bet that of course depends on your wealth and your deposit. For example, let’s say €10 as a bet. If you lose the first bet of €10 you will increase to €20. You will always double the bet. That way, you will always get back your loss with the profit. Whenever you lose you start over from €10.

Baccarat on Live Casino

A game that appeared amongst French and Italian soldiers in the 16th century. It is traditionally played with 8 deck of cards mixed. Just like in Blackjack and Roulette, you can calculate in Baccarat. The three different ways a game can be ended is a win, a loss or a draw. In Baccarat the cards have different points. Two to nine are worth exactly what is on the card, and all cards of 10 or above have no value at all. Ace is worth 1. You win by getting the highest score. If you score more than 10, the most relevant figure is counted. For example: a hand of 2 and 3 is worth 5. (2 + 3 = 5) but a hand of 6 and 7 will be worth 3. (6 + 7 = 13 and 3 is the highest number of these). Baccarat is a very special game with many different rules, perfect for those who want the next step in their live casino gambling!

Live Casino – Texas Hold’Em

One of the most famous card games can be found under live casinos. Texas Hold’em is a popular game that attracts thousands of players. The game has been played in several movies, including James Bond and Danny Ocean. The game is about winning over other players and trying to get home the big pot in the middle. All players play against each other and get two cards, then try to get the best combination of the five cards that appear on the table. No player knows what somebody else has and it’s a famous phenomenon to bluff up to huge profits! Texas Hold’em is highly recognized and still popular than today after the big poker wave in the mid 20’s. The difference between Hold’em and many other live casino games is that Hold’em is played against other players and not directly against the bank.

Reasons to play Live Casino instead of Slots

If you appreciate slots but are looking for a little more challenge, table games can be the right way to wander among the categories in a casino online. They are not only favorites of many players seeking titles where skill has a significant part in how the bankroll is affected, using a strategy also increases the chances of winning. Here are a number of reasons why table games offer a good experience beyond the usual.

Greater opportunities to win; and this is nothing we’ve come across. Based on mathematical and statistical facts, it is simply easier to win table games than it is to win at slots. Most table games were initially created with older participants in mind and had little or no built-in benefit to the house. Over time, online casinos and game developers have changed these and made them more profitable for the house, but without compromising the formula. At the same time, table games are much easier to rearrange so that they are available in different variants.
Strategic planning; which is one of the greatest pleasures of table games and gives the player the chance to try his skill. If you have a proper strategy in the back pocket at the table, the likelihood of winning increases. Almost all tables have an optimal strategy that significantly reduces the benefit of the house.

  • Lower instability; is one of the amazing aspects of live casino games and means that the likelihood of losing a large proportion of your money is less with table games than when it comes to slot machines. If you have invested your money well in a game you should be able to win quite often, especially with a strategy.
  • No Random Number Generator (RNG); if you play live casino with the right croupier or dealer then it does not get closer to the reality of a physical casino. There is no RNG at a live casino, so it’s genuine, fair and random, but with your own skill as support.
  • Chat with other players; which can actually be a pretty fun way of both socializing and learning more about each game where you do not have to dress up the smallest. You can sit in the comfort of your own living room and talk with visitors from all over the world.

live casino

Live Casino is for people who like table games

Many people who think about the casino and its games often associate BlackJack, Roulette and Poker as synonymous with the word. These are very old and classic casino games that have a solid history and have been played by millions of people. Today, one can actually live from their own living room – live either via a mobile, tablet or computer. With today’s technology and the internet, many casinos have chosen to launch these games live over the web with high-quality cameras and very modern technology. A real highlight is that one can easily and easily from their own home challenge a dealer in, for example, BlackJack. The advantage of live casino is to get the true feeling of visiting a casino in Las Vegas or at Casino Cosmopol Casino.

There are also a few specialized casinos online focusing exclusively on offering clean and perfect products to play on these types of casino games live. We will list the online casino here which we consider to have the absolutely the best games and the conditions for meeting the needs of customers and players.