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To understand slots or not to understand slots

To understand Slots, first we need to understand the game – It really does not really take much to take the step from pure amateur online casino gaming to a level above where you can start winning a little more and a bit more often. The most basic is, of course, the knowledge of rules for the various games found among all the titles of an online casino. If you are serious about playing and want to be better than the novice, you do not need much in the form of in-depth studies to get closer to the professionals.

understand slots

To understand slots we need to understand the machine behind the graphics

Online slots are very easy to access. Although online slots have developed a lot since they were first introduced online during the 1990s. There are many variations with 3 reels or 5 reels as well as layouts with 243 ways to win. There are themes in many slots, based on famous Hollywood movies or cartoon characters. Whichever slot one chooses, they work in principle equally. The developers have included a lot of features on these slots. What should always be remembered is to play them for free to get into the features and learn what is offered before playing with real money. When a slot machine is loaded, a screen is filled with wheels, some of which have 20 symbols, other 25 symbols. Real Money Games lets you choose how many of the available paylines are going to be active.

Before spinning the wheels, it is a sensible idea to get a grip of what must be done and how to be successful in order to be awarded a win. The goal of the game is to get a specific sequence of symbols on one or more of the winning lines where something is placed. It’s not all symbols that payout the same, where some are harder to get and some combinations do not get the same as often, but on the other hand, they pay more.

A lot of those who play at the casino online underestimate the importance of adjusting the bet amount played and how the total bet affects the bankroll. If you are completely new to the game, it may be best to start with the minimum bet, where it is important to know that the minimum amount may differ from one slots to another. Therefore, it is best to choose the slot machine that suits your own budget. Once the amount has been set, just spin the wheels with a click on “spin” and if you do not want to speed up the wheels one at a time, there are auto-play features where the machine takes care of itself.

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To understand slots you need to get win lines

Winning lines are the invisible lines of a slot machine that can be made visible if the mouse pointer is held over them in the edge of the game area. This is where you see how the symbols must be placed for winning combinations. The number of lines tends to vary from game to game and can often be played on up to twenty or more, but for each line you increase, the total bet will be increased. What some beginners find confusing is that they can see three symbols that are in line, but they do not win anything. Therefore, keep in mind that these symbols must fall into place over an active payline, otherwise the slot won’t share anything. In addition, depending on the machine, winning combinations can start from left to right or right to left, but they can also be diagonal or other patterns. In order to improve its strategy, it is always a necessity to ensure gaming on more than one line, which in turn greatly increases the chance that a winning line will fall into place.

Understanding the game and the structure of payouts is crucial when designing a solid strategy for slots. Bear in mind that there are no specific rules for slots and how winnings are calculated as it is in, for example, roulette. They can vary, even quite a lot. Therefore, always check the payout table for some different slot machines before deciding on one. Each game has its own set of symbols, different features and different bonuses that are activated. Unlike a physical casino that, for natural reasons, can only offer a limited number of slot machines, there are hundreds of online casinos available to choose from.

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Understanding the Scatter Symbol scatter symbol

There are many different symbols that the developers have chosen to decorate the many titles, from classic fruits to animated characters inspired by movies, fairy tales or anything else. However, the bonus symbols are the most sought after and those who make players happy when they land right on the wheels. There are four main bonus symbols to expect:
Scatter is different from slot to slot and are usually the ones that pay the best and provide the nicest surprises when they appear on the screen. If you manage to get a number of scatters to land on the reels at the same time, they will automatically activate a bonus round with rounds of free spin.

The Wild Symbol – Understand Slotsunderstand wild symbol

Wild is a symbol that replaces helps a lot as it replaces other symbols on the playing field, thus creating winning combinations much easier. You can actually call these jokers, like those in card games

Expanding wild actually works as usual wild with the difference that they have the ability to expand over a whole column on the wheels. In turn, it gives the chance to win more than one winning combination because they nudge multiple rows.

Stacked wild is similar to expanding wild activation of feature that comes in view of 2, 3 or more, stacked on each other and these increase the chance to meet winning combinations on multiple paylines at the same time

Understanding features is a crucial part of the game

Many slot machines offer bonus rounds which are an important part and are mini-levels of the basic game. These bonus rounds are activated when a certain combination is dotted during the base game, for example when a number of bonus symbols land on the wheels. Bonus rounds usually provide a number of free spins, which means that you can play a number of rounds for free, while a multiplier can be activated and thus multiply winnings.



Many online casino visitors go to these sites and put their money on a cool slot without any thoughtful strategy other than basic understanding of the rules and which the best cards or symbols are for the best chance to beat the house. If you take some time and start with a smart thinking, then build on a well-thought-out strategy and start understanding the odds in different situations, you can increase your opportunities significantly. This may mean the difference between building a really good bankroll, and constantly losing deposits after deposits. 

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